Men Capsule

Men Capsule for Energy, Vitality and Prostate health


Men Capsule 300mg is a dietary supplement with raw ingredients that is traditionally formulated to improve overall male energy, men’s health and vitality. It will help with better PROSTATE health.

Taken daily, Men Capsule 300mg will increase your vitality and energy for life – Men Capsule 300mg offers a simple male enhancer / solution to those seeking a long term and genuine way to naturally improve their general health.

Proven to increase energy, vitality and vigor – Men Capsule 300mg drastically improves your ability to live life to the fullest. It has long term health benefits with no known side-effects and contra-indications.

Men Capsule 300mg is effective:

For General Health:

  • Increases Energy
  • Increases Stamina
  • Increases Blood circulation
  • Increases Libido

For Prostate Health:

  • Reduces frequency of urination
  • Easy, strong urination flow

Other benefits:

  • Improves Hair growth

Why Buy Men Capsule 300mg?

Men Capsule 300mg is guranteed 100% all natural. It is taken daily as a dietary supplement. It has been tested for safety and purity.

Natural dietary supplement

All herbal ingredients
Safe for adult
No side effects
Vegetarian capsule – suitable for all

Men Capsule 300mg is registered as an approved Traditional Health product for over the counter sale by the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia, an agency similar to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA.

Registration Number : MAL 07031257 T

Approved Indication : Traditionally used as a male enhancer for energy and men’s health.

Recommended Dosage : 2-3 capsules to be taken twice daily after meal.


Composition: Each capsule contains 300mg of herbal extracts:
Fructus Saw Palmetto powder extract 120 mg
Radix Muira Puama power extract 120 mg
Radix Eurycoma Longifolia powder extract 120 mg
Pumpkin Seed powder extract 120 mg
Fructus Tribulus Terretris powder extract 120 mg

What makes Men Capsule works?

Product Description
Men Capsule 300mg - Proven Male Enhancer Men Capsule 300mg
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Men Capsule 300mg
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